Project: 40 MMBTu bark fired thermal fluid energy system

Process: heat 6 lumber dry kilns

Client: Interfor – Bathurst

Site Address: 5060 NB-430, Big River, NB E2A 6T2

Commissioned in: January 2023

In 2022, Interfor in Bathurst, NB purchased a 40 MMBtu wood fired thermal fluid energy system from Nexus Combustion inc. The energy system is used to supply 500 F thermal fluid to heat their 6 existing lumber dry kilns.

Nexus Combustion was responsible for the following.

  • Full project coordination.
  • Engineering and coordination of the foundation and the electrical entrance (installation by the client).
  • Conversion of 6 kilns from propane to a thermal fluid system by installing heating coils and piping distribution. Complete with glycol kiln rail heating system.
  • Energy system equipment supply and installation.
  • Building supply and installation.
  • Piping supply and installation.
  • Electrical supply and installation.
  • Energy system Instrumentation, controls and programming.
  • Start-up and commissioning.